Teruaki Ashino


28 years old


Near Yokohama


【University life】

– Studied abroad in Mongolia for half a year
– Did volunteer work of clinical trial in UK for a month.
– Studied abroad in Russia for a year.


– Online Consultant Co.,Ltd.
April 2015 ~ March 2016
Developed iOS/Android apps of in-house development service using location information, and fixed its API, PHP server program and front-end.
In addition, in an outsourced project about laundromat-system I updated TCP server program by Node.js to communicate with sequencers of laundromats.

– E2info, inc.
April 2016 ~ July 2017
In outsourced projects, I develop job search sites by Laravel, mobile app of compatibility-diagnosis and crawling program for job search sites by Java, Node.js and AWS.
In addition, I’m in charge of IT help-desk for a foreign affiliated automotive company.
I proceed with big/small projects led by headquarters, communicating with global network and CAD application teams in English.

【Technology Stack】

– Server: VPS, AWS, VirtualBox
– Server OS: CentOS
– AWS: S3, Lambda
– Tool for building development environments: Vagrant
– Provisioning tool: Ansible
– Web/Application server: Nginx, Apache, Node.js, Tomcat
– Server-side language: PHP, Node.js, Perl
– Mobile app language: Java, Objective-C, C++
– PHP Framework: Laravel
– Unit testing tool: JUnit, Mockito
– Version control: Git(CLI)


– The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency Grade Pre-1
– Test of Russian as a Foreign Language Level 2 (Advanced)
– Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination

【Ideal work】

1. Programming
→I love programming, because it’s like a puzzle game. Especially I get excited when I find out the cause of disgusting bugs!

2. Optimization
→What I want to do the most is to make the world a better place by optimizing boring routine.
So I’d like to develop something that helps you to get rid of your boring routine.
In engineering I like to optimize and automate infrastructure, testing or source codes.
Now I’m most interested in AI. I believe that AI will optimize unbelievably many things that people are forced to do at the current moment.
For now I don’t have any experience in development of AI, but I’m planning to absorb information and develop something by myself at first.

3. In-house product development
→I want to work on the product development project that is not outsourced, but in-house.
Because if the project is outsourced, what you have to do is only to complete what clients say. You don’t need to care whether the product will become popular or not. And this is what I don’t like.
If the project is in-house, you can positively take part in the process to make the product better, keep improving the source codes and take pride in the product.

【Tentative goal】

To create some applications by using cognitive services API.

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